About Our Moccasins

Our moccasins are made with high quality materials and hand sewn in Olathe, Kansas. They are vegan, CSPIA compliant & are perfect for all type of feet, even chunky!
For the outer fabric of our moccasins, we use a 100% cotton woven fabric [not stretchy] or a "knit" 95% cotton 5% spandex fabric [stretchy]. Our knit fabrics are marked with a * during preorders. 
The inside of our moccasins come with an option of two types of lining: comfy, breathable flannel or soft, lightweight summer mesh. Both linings are great for all temperatures, but we suggest summer mesh for chunky feet. 
The sole of our moccasins is based on the size. 0-3 months & 2-6 months have faux suede soles and all sizes 6-12 months or larger have tough, outdoor tested, flexible rubber sole. The lightweight, thin sole is great for new and established walkers and perfect for all ages! 
When placing a preorder, an optional "toe guard," a piece of rubber placed across the shoe toes to protect the fabric & increase the life of moccasins for tough littles!
Our moccasins come standard to fit most feet. With our new elastic, getting our moccasins on is easy and tough to get off! We do suggest ordering your moccasins snug. Wearing the incorrect size can cause your little to fall, lose moccasins, or cause extreme wear on the toe and heel. 

We ALWAYS suggest measuring your child's foot BEFORE purchasing.

To check your size, visit: https://www.sarahbethco.com/pages/size-chart-1

Re-threading Elastic Video Here: COMING SOON


Size Chart


Approx. Finished Length (In):

US Size:

0-3 Months

3.5 in

Infant 0/1

2-6 Months

4 in

Infant 2

6-12 Months

4.5 in

Infant 3

12-18 Months

5 in

Infant 5

18-24 Months

5.5 in

Infant 7


6 in

US Tod 8

Toddler 9

6.5 in

US Tod 9

Toddler 10

6.75 in

US Tod 10

Toddler 11

7 in

US Tod 11

Toddler 12

7.25 in

US Tod 12

Toddler 13

7.5 in

US Tod 13

Child 1

8 in

US Child 1

Child 2

8.25 in

US Child 2

Child 3

8.5 in

US Child 3

Child 4


US Child 4

Child 5


Us Child 5


If little one’s foot measures 6" in or less, add .5 inches to determine your size.
If little one’s foot measure 6" in or MORE, add .25 inches to determine your size.

Here is a guide to all our different fabric options; COMING SOON