About SBC

 In 2015, the Baby Shoe Wiz needed something occupy her time & making moccasins became a passion. After months of testing, modifying and sewing, SBC Moccasins came to be. While we love our shoes, are passionate about all our products and prints, SBC is more than shoes. Behind the shopfront is a team of mama's, working hard for their babies and the community behind the shop. While we all love sewing and crafting, we are more passionate about the friends and village we have built in our community. Shopping at SBC isn't sending a wealthy mama more money for accessories or a CEO another car. You are supporting lots of mamas stay home with their kids and support their families. 

By shopping SBC, you are supporting my dream. <3

-Sarah, Head Mama & Shoe Wiz

Size Chart


Approx. Finished Length (In):

US Size:

0-3 Months

3.5 in

Infant 0/1

2-6 Months

4 in

Infant 2

6-12 Months

4.5 in

Infant 3

12-18 Months

5 in

Infant 5

18-24 Months

5.5 in

Infant 7


6 in

US Tod 8

Toddler 9

6.5 in

US Tod 9

Toddler 10

6.75 in

US Tod 10

Toddler 11

7 in

US Tod 11

Toddler 12

7.25 in

US Tod 12

Toddler 13

7.5 in

US Tod 13

Child 1

8 in

US Child 1

Child 2

8.25 in

US Child 2

Child 3

8.5 in

US Child 3

Child 4


US Child 4

Child 5


Us Child 5


If little one’s foot measures 6" in or less, add .5 inches to determine your size.
If little one’s foot measure 6" in or MORE, add .25 inches to determine your size.

Here is a guide to all our different fabric options; COMING SOON