#teamSBC & FAQ

About Our Soles: Our moccasins are constructed with high quality materials and fit most feet. Composed of a breathable, cotton outer fabric and one of our two soft lining fabrics that are perfect for all temperatures and babies! We use a premium espresso brown faux suede sole on sizes 0-3 months and 2-6 months. On all sizes 6-12 months and larger, we use a durable, high quality, outdoor tested waterproof rubber for the sole. This material is perfect for little crawlers, new walkers and big kids alike! So thin, yet super tough against rough surfaces, like concrete and dirt and super grippy on slick surfaces like wood floors and slippery tile! Lightweight, flexible and breathable are all qualities essential for all new walkers! When baby needs to walk, s/he needs to grip with their toes! Our moccasins are the perfect soft sole shoe for all ages!

About our souls: Sarah Beth Co. is a small shop based in Olathe, KS. SBC is owned by Sarah McGhay, head seamstress and all around baby shoe wizard. Our #team is full of lots of awesome mamas from our community. Our shop is full of laughter, baby giggles and fabric scraps. The company was founded as an outlet for a mama of 3, who was suffering from Postpartum Depression. Since starting this company we have stayed true to our roots, grounded in our foundation, and humble as we grow. In our community, we believe it takes a village. join our facebook village: www.facebook.com/groups/sarahbethco

Check our size chart here: https://www.sarahbethco.com/pages/size-chart-1 

How to Order? Every Thursday at 8pm CST, a preorder will open at www.SarahBethCo.com/collections/preorders

You will have the options to customize your size, lining and toe guard preference.  Here is a guide to our upgrades: COMING SOON

Ready To Ship Sales: Randomly, www.SarahBethCo.com will be stocked with some ready to ship (RTS) shoes, but no RTS stockings are being scheduled at this time.
Custom Orders: Customs are my favorite, and how I started SBC, but due to the high demand custom orders are only available on rare occasions. Please check back frequently to help vote on new prints!

Our moccasins are all handmade, vegan, Child Safety (CSPIA) Compliant and machine washable.

Child Safety Compliance: To make a very complicated thing simple, Child Safety Compliance, aka CSPIA, is a required tracking system for all makers and manufacturers (big and small) to use for the safety of tiny ones. SBC is proud to say all our products are 100% CSPIA safety compliant. For more information, go to: https://www.cpsc.gov/Regulations-Laws--Standards/Statutes/The-Consumer-Product-Safety-Improvement-Act/

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This makes checking out quicker, tracks all your purchases so you can check on them at any time and you can accumulate “Bootie Points” aka points redeemable for $$ off!

Here is a guide to making an account: COMING SOON

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges: Because of the nature of our products, we ask that all products be returned IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING with all tags, smelling free of smoke, odor or animals postmarked within 7 days of delivery. All returns have a 15% restocking fee, excluding exchanges within 14 days. For more information, please email Customer Service at info@sarahbethco.com

Find our Official BST here: www.facebook.com/groups/sbcOfficialBST

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message at www.facebook.com/sarahbethco or email Customer Service @ info@sarahbethco.com



Size Chart


Approx. Finished Length (In):

US Size:

0-3 Months

3.5 in

Infant 0/1

2-6 Months

4 in

Infant 2

6-12 Months

4.5 in

Infant 3

12-18 Months

5 in

Infant 5

18-24 Months

5.5 in

Infant 7


6 in

US Tod 8

Toddler 9

6.5 in

US Tod 9

Toddler 10

6.75 in

US Tod 10

Toddler 11

7 in

US Tod 11

Toddler 12

7.25 in

US Tod 12

Toddler 13

7.5 in

US Tod 13

Child 1

8 in

US Child 1

Child 2

8.25 in

US Child 2

Child 3

8.5 in

US Child 3

Child 4


US Child 4

Child 5


Us Child 5


If little one’s foot measures 6" in or less, add .5 inches to determine your size.
If little one’s foot measure 6" in or MORE, add .25 inches to determine your size.

Here is a guide to all our different fabric options; COMING SOON