When you can't make shoes, make masks!

Our shop has decided to officially reopen in order to help with the Johnson County Medical facilities. For the foreseeable future, Kelly and I will be putting our sewing skills to making and donating masks to the Johnson County Disaster Relief. During this time, we will not be releasing any new prints but our existing stock will be available for purchase. To help us cover the costs of business while we switch our focus to sewing masks for the hospitals, we ask for your help by purchasing our stock or gift cards. Every stock pair of shoes you purchase covers the cost of 4 masks! We will also accept donations via PayPal, [paypal.me/sarahmcghay]
As a thank you for your support during this trying time, each order will receive a coupon for 20% off any item in our shop, valid after we reopen for normal business! Thank you for your continued support and please share this message to reach as many people as possible.
Stay safe and wash your hands!