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Why Choose Soft Sole Shoes For Little Feet?

  • Our moccs are easy to walk in.
    Lightweight and breathable, they allow your sweet babe to lift their feet easily. When little ones walks, s/he can grip with their toes, like when barefoot. They also help with balance and coordination.

  • Our shoes have room to grow!
    Unlike hard  soles, soft soles normally are a bit more roomy and let little feet grow unrestricted. The AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) says most children don't need wedges, inserts or other supported shoes. No need to sacrifice comfort for unneccesary additions!

  • They provide safety & protection.
    Sweet feet need to be protected from the elements, like the sun and cold, rough surfaces and dirty objects.  Shoes that don't stay on well, are big and bulky or not a good fit can cause little ones to fall. 

    Thanks to the elastic backing on our shoes, they stay on through some major tugging and kicking!

  • Our shoes are good for toddlers too!!
    Sizes above 6 months come with a standard waterproof, outdoor tested, flexible rubber sole. This gives kiddos great grip when walking on slick surfaces, like tile and wood floors. They also are great for outdoors, providing a comfortable, grippy shoe for busy feet that doesn't wear down.