Sailor's Best Friend Swim Moccasins Preorder / 4-6 week TAT / 5.17.2018

Please allow 4-6 weeks for moccasins to be cut, sewn and shipped.
Each shoe is made with a swim nylon outer and swimsuit fabric lining. This makes the shoes super soft and comfy, but quick drying and chlorine safe! Fabric placement will vary from pair to pair, making each shoe unique! Snug elastic runs all the way around the ankle to keep these shoes from falling off. The sole is made from flexible rubber, which is soft, slip resistant, and gives the shoes a finished, super cute look! We offer an optional rubber toe guard, to help prevent rips and tears. 
These shoes will be a perfect fit for kiddos at the pool, splash pads or when playing in sprinklers! They also are great at preventing burned, sandy feet at the beach!
All preorders are final. Placement will vary. 
Please email for an update on preorder status if needed.

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Size Chart


Approx. Finished Length (In):

US Size:

0-3 Months

3.5 in

Infant 0/1

2-6 Months

4 in

Infant 2

6-12 Months

4.5 in

Infant 3

12-18 Months

5 in

Infant 5

18-24 Months

5.5 in

Infant 7


6 in

US Tod 8

Toddler 9

6.5 in

US Tod 9

Toddler 10

6.75 in

US Tod 10

Toddler 11

7 in

US Tod 11

Toddler 12

7.25 in

US Tod 12

Toddler 13

7.5 in

US Tod 13

Child 1

8 in

US Child 1

Child 2

8.25 in

US Child 2

Child 3

8.5 in

US Child 3

Child 4


US Child 4

Child 5


Us Child 5


If little one’s foot measures 6 in or less, add .5 inches to determine your size.
If little one’s foot measure 6 in or MORE, add .25 inches to determine your size.

Here is a guide to all our different fabric options; COMING SOON

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