• Handmade. Vegan.

    Machine Washable.

  • Adorable Shoes That Stay On.

    Cotton outer,  soft rubber soles.
    Perfect for all sized feet. 

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  • Handmade by mamas In KS.

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You will have the options to customize your size, lining and toe guard preference.  Here is a guide to our upgrades: COMING SOON

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Size Chart


Approx. Finished Length (In):

US Size:

0-3 Months

3.5 in

Infant 0/1

2-6 Months

4 in

Infant 2

6-12 Months

4.5 in

Infant 3

12-18 Months

5 in

Infant 5

18-24 Months

5.5 in

Infant 7


6 in

US Tod 8

Toddler 9

6.5 in

US Tod 9

Toddler 10

6.75 in

US Tod 10

Toddler 11

7 in

US Tod 11

Toddler 12

7.25 in

US Tod 12

Toddler 13

7.5 in

US Tod 13

Child 1

8 in

US Child 1

Child 2

8.25 in

US Child 2

Child 3

8.5 in

US Child 3

Child 4


US Child 4

Child 5


Us Child 5


If little one’s foot measures 6 in or less, add .5 inches to determine your size.
If little one’s foot measure 6 in or MORE, add .25 inches to determine your size.

Here is a guide to all our different fabric options; COMING SOON

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