Everyday Soft Sole boots are perfect for Fall and Winter! With the same great fit as our everyday shoe, our boots include an additional fleece lined cuff that snaps closed around the ankle and keeps tootsies warm and cozy. Made with a cotton or polyester outer fabric and a cozy fleece lining, our boots fit great overtop leggings or jeans and protect feet from chilly sidewalks with a flexible, rubber sole bottom made of Toughtek.

At this time, all Boots must be ordered as a Custom Order.

Add-Ons: Toe Guards

For extra durability and peace of mind, we offer optional toe guards to extend the life of your soft sole shoes to keep them hand-me-down ready. If you've got a new walker or a toddler (or a toe-dragger) this is a must!

All Sizes

We protect those sweet feet from the days of sleepy newborn snuggles- to toe dragging crawling- to the wild jumping, running, and climbing of toddlerhood and beyond. You can even get an adult pair for yourself!

Easy to Clean

Get a little soggy or muddy in the autumn rain or melting snow? SBC Boots are machine washable. That's right! Just toss them in a mesh laundry bag in the wash on a cold, gentle cycle anytime they need a good cleaning; then, air dry or tumble dry on low, and they'll be good as new again!