About Us

  • Self Made Cool Moms

    My name is Sarah, and I started Sarah Beth Co in 2015 after my daughter Emily was born. I'm a self taught seamstress and have been perfecting my craft for 8 years now! There's no factory here; it's just me and sometimes another stay at home mom! If you buy a pair of SBC shoes or clothing, know that it was made with love by me or another cool mom, right here in Colorado.

  • Family Life

    I met my husband Eric in 2013 and we got married in 2018. We live with our four children in Peyton, Colorado. We are chaos managers and hard workers who love to travel and enjoy time together as a family outdoors.

  • More About Sarah

    I'm a Hufflepuff & Jedi, raised in Kansas City, MO. My heart belongs to the Pacific Northwest, and I love hiking; I'm always going somewhere. I love caffeine, car rides, and the color yellow. I collect stickers for my water bottles.

  • Thank You

    When you buy a pair of SBC shoes, you're directly supporting my family. As a small business, every dollar I make makes a difference for us. So, thank you for your purchase and allowing me to continue to do what I love: make beautiful soft sole shoes!

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